About us

Batzir Israel was established in 2004. We specialized in marketing boutique wineries from Israel. The company started its run mainly in the local market by selling kosher and non kosher wines for premium resultants and wine stores in Israel. Batzir portfolio consists of 7 boutique Israeli wineries, kosher & non-kosher and dozens of wines, Batzir is also distributes in Israel international wine brands. For the last two year the company is active in the international market by exporting it's exclusive brands.

It is a work of many. In order to provide a high quality wine with a best service we invest a lot in the human resource. Beginning from choosing wineries that runs and managed by professional to our team at Batzir. All loyal to the company's philosophy: to provide quality wines in a reasonable price while giving the best service.

Dorin Sharon, CEO & Founder

Dorin represents the spirit of Batzir. With her passion to wine, professionalism & great interpersonal relations she leads the company with success.

Quality Control Group

The group composed of chefs, restaurant owners & wine lovers that helps us in choosing wineries and wines that will be added to our exclusive portfolio.

Logistics team

Our logistic team motto is to enable our agents all over the word to import vast number of brands and wines, easily and efficiently.

Choosing the best wines for you. In order to be as professional as possible and provide our partners service that exceed their expectation we use a set of values and principles in every action we take, every day.

  • Quality: We never comprise
  • Listen: We are willing to hear the consumer, partners & trade
  • Improve: We listen & learn in order to always do more & better
  • High Involvement: We effect the decision making in the wineries
  • Diversity: Large portfolio with unique brands

It is easy to import Israeli wine with Batzir. s the exclusive distributors & marketers of growing number of boutique wineries from Israel, we offer the exporter wide portfolio, easy logistics & efficiency:

  • Wide portfolio that constantly increases.
  • High quality, "labor of love" brands.
  • Accessibility and flexibility.
  • One contact for dozens of wines.
  • Easy logistics - one point of departure.